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Five Reasons to Make The LED Lighting Switch

Five Reasons to Make The LED Lighting Switch

There are many reasons to throw out your rubbish old light bulbs and bring in exciting LED Light Bulbs to give your lighting project the ultimate smooth and sleek LED Lighting System. Here are the five top reasons to make the LED Lighting switch.

Reason Number One:

LED Light Bulbs can survive for nearly 20 years (the equivalent of 40,000 hours, this is much better than a regular light bulb that lasts up to just 2,000 hours.

Reason Number Two:

Your regular light bulb looses lots of it energy in the form of heat, unlike an LED light bulb that operates at 80% - 90% efficiency.

Reason Number Three:

Another great thing about LED Light bulbs is that they are free of toxic chemicals, compared to your regular light bulb that contains numerous harmful chemicals that are dangerous to the environment.

Reason Number Four:

LEDs are more durable than your regular light bulb meaning they are more resistant to shock and vibrations – basically speaking, LED Light bulbs are harder to break which means they are safer.

Reason Number Five:

LED lighting is able to give you immediate and instant light, there is no annoying waits in the dark while the light flickers on.

Over all, the main reason that LED Light Bulbs are the best is due to the money they save you!