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3 easy ways to add ambience to your bathroom

3 easy ways to add ambience to your bathroom

From brushing your teeth in the morning to washing your face at night, your bathroom is an essential part of your home. As well as providing a space for you to get ready for the day ahead, it also doubles up as a room where you can comfortably unwind and escape the stresses and strains of modern life. Make sure your bathroom is ready when you need some comfort by allowing it to be transformed into a relaxing retreat in an instant with these three easy steps:  


When it comes to illuminating your bathroom, it's recommended that you opt for bathroom wall lights or ceiling lights as opposed to lamps, which are extremely dangerous if placed near a bath or sink. Make sure they are easy to control, either being turned on and off using a drawstring or on the wall. If you plan on using your mirror a lot for dental hygiene or applying makeup, also make sure there's plenty of lighting available in that area. And if space is an issue, you could always invest in some small bathroom spotlights to provide pockets of light where you need them, like in the shower or above your bathroom door so you can see where you're going for any trips during the night.


Sometimes light bulbs seem too harsh on the eyes after a tiring day. If you have a bath, or simply want to use the bathroom to relax with the help of some luxury spa treatments, candles are an ideal feature to have on hand. Not only do they fill their air with inviting aromas, but they'll help users to unwind and provide a romantic and calming environment for both men and women to enjoy.

A lock

With certain hygiene procedures, like hair removal or bleaching, these are times when want nobody to come in and see. This is why a lock on your bathroom door is essential for keeping you calm, as by ensuring you won't get interrupted in the middle of a somewhat embarrassing situation, it allows you to take your time. You won't feel on the edge or concerned about being disturbed, making it a relaxing environment for all kinds of treatments through enabling additional privacy within your home.


If you need some inspiration, why not browse our extensive range of bathroom lighting options, including art deco, Victorian and Georgian inspired light features to help transform your bathroom into your own personal space.