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8 LED Essentials of a Man Cave

8 LED Essentials of a Man Cave

The man cave - the inner sanctum for the modern day man.

With the balance of household power tipped from 50/50 to that of 90 -10 (in favour of women of course), us men were left plucking at proverbial straws. We needed a place to escape the significant other. Thus the Man Cave was born.

Gone are the days of wonky dart boards or flimsy fusball tables, the man cave is now a mecca of masculinity at its purist. Customising a man cave to your particular passions, hobbies or collections couldn't be easier with the abundance of outlets and sites dedicated to the "manly cause."

LED lights not one to be confined to just bike handle bars and light bulbs are becoming more and more common place in man caves. This article will shed some light (sorry) on LED essentials that should be in every man cave (if you can afford them).

1.       Sign up! - Every man cave needs a visible door or wall sign as a mark of territory. An LED sign is the perfect indicator that no women are allowed!

2.       L.E.D - Load Enough Drinks! - Having a beverage dispenser (not necessarily an alcoholic one) is a great addition to any man cave. The convenience of being able to pour your favourite beverages without the hassle of having to walk the kitchen is a god send! Mini fridges, dispensers and hybrids aptly name "Kegerators" are all ripe for the picking not to mention come with that cool LED glow.  CKB, Ebay,

3.       May the force be with you! - Defiantly ignoring the recommended age, the Star Wars dual lightsaber night light will always get the nod of approval regardless of whether you're 4 or 40.

4.       Geared up for grafting and gaming - Now we all know all work and no play makes Homer something something.....That's why the eggheads at Emperor created the ultimate work/gaming chair in existence. Quite simply this chair is awesome! Called The Emperor LX; the steel-framed behemoth packs an intergraded 5.1 sound system, LED Lighting, light therapy, ionic air filtering system as well as a host of other nifty features. Now to find that spare £13,000 I've got laying around.

5.       Pimping your pool table - If you want coolest snooker experience possible then your man cave needs an illuminated pool table! Michael Allen luxury pool table specialist can help you custom make the pool table of your dreams.

6.       LED TV (No brainer!) - No man cave is complete without a ridiculously oversized television, oh I don't know say....... 84 inch! The LG 3-D, 4K Ultra HD LED Television is big! But comes with an even bigger price tag! But if you're lucky enough to have very deep pockets then this will make the ultimate addition to any man cave.

7.       Quantity over quality - Well not exactly, if your cave is fairly big why buy one big television when you could have five LED televisions! That way you don't literally miss a thing.

8.       Pong with the lights on! - Beer pong will never be the same again if you were the proud owner of this interactive beer pong table.

There you have it 8 LED Essentials for your man cave. Now, go forth and make your cave the best thing ever (Before your missus takes that over too!)