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A Glass Makeover for Your En Suite

A Glass Makeover for Your En Suite

Glass can make a beautiful addition to any home. Not only is it sophisticated and stylish, but it makes a good impression on first-time visitors, and if you’re looking to sell your property soon, on people who come to view your home.
Thankfully, this material comes at a cheap and cheerful cost on today’s market, making it easy to get a hold of, even for those on a tight budget.
It also comes in an assortment of designs. From glass-top tables to intricate centrepieces, we really are spoilt for choice. However, there is one design in particular that has won the heart of the nation; lighting.
Whether you’re looking for a chandelier for the dining room or bathroom downlights, glass is always a great option. Robust and attractive, it can add something special to an otherwise dull room. It is also perfect for those looking to achieve a modern approach with home décor, or it can be incorporated in small doses in a traditional home setting.
Though glass is ideal for every room in the house, the bathroom in particular will proudly boast an array of glass features.
So, let SnD take a look at just a few ways you can give your en suite a glass makeover.
If you want to go all-out with your glass décor, consider installing a glass wall or shower screen as part of the existing cubicle. This will help to add a luxurious feel to your bathroom, as well as being practical feature due to its sturdy nature.
If, however, you want to take a step back and incorporate glass into your bathroom in small portions, lighting is your best friend. We have plenty of bathroom downlights in this material that will look simply fabulous against any kind of painted backdrop, from dark shades to pastel colours.
On the other hand, if you’d prefer to keep it sweet and simple, consider picking up a few glass accessories for your bathroom. This could include decorative glass bottles, candle holders if you fancy a relaxing bath or even LED ornaments.
If you want to spruce up the appearance of your bathroom, glass is a great option. Not only can it provide a beautiful setting, it offers a lot in the way of potential if you’re starting from scratch.
So, whether you are aiming for a luxury bathroom design or a modern twist, make sure you incorporate glass into your next design. As mentioned, we have plenty of glass bathroom lights available at a low cost. So, feel free to look through our collection or get in touch today for more information or if you have any general queries.