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A Man’s 3 Step Guide to Lighting up the Mood

A Man’s 3 Step Guide to Lighting up the Mood

Lighting plays an ever-important role in our day to day life, and makes a huge difference to a person’s mindset and general mood. Certain colours can also affect the way people react too. For example, some people react with anger to the colour red without even realising it. 

Basking in the Ambience

So your anniversary’s round the corner, and you’ve got some serious making up to do for your lack of effort last year? Or just in the doghouse in general? You can set the right mood by scattering lights everywhere and anywhere in the house possible. There’s something incredibly romantic about twinkling lights in the darkness, coupled with a few roses and some soft, alluring music. You could also make a pathway with LED lighting, leading to whichever direction you want to lead her in, creating the perfect mysterious ambience you’re aiming for. Not only that, but they will come up quite useful for when Valentine’s Day arrives, too! 

Say it With Lights

So, anniversary went down well, and you seem to have fallen a little harder for her. Looking to pop the question and not quite sure how to do it? There’s something about the words “Will you marry me?” that has a man developing a sudden stutter along with full on anxiety disorder. Say it with lights then! Make your proposal shine by writing out your words. With LED lighting or rope lights, you can create your message physically. You’re sure to score mega brownie points for thought and creativity (roses and petals are optional but are definitely recommended). Now all that is left to do is decide whether you want to display your affectionate words in public or private. Just don’t forget the ring or she’ll never let you forget it; for all the wrong reasons!

Glowing Bride

So we’re guessing it all went well and she said yes. Now you’re planning the perfect home, the perfect wedding, the perfect marriage and 2.4 children! Can you imagine how stressed she is with the invites, the colour theme, the vows, the meal, the guests, the favours, the dress? (She’s been planning her dream day since she was six years old didn’t you know?). Pheww! You’ve literally just witnessed your dream girl morph into bridezilla overnight and not sure whether to run or hide or run and hide! Calm her down with some dim lighting to soften her mood and then lighten up her load a little (see what we did there?) and suggest her bridal bouquet is mixed in with lights (after all there is sentiment there as to how you initially proposed, right?). She’ll love that you thought of it and think about how unique her bouquet would be compared to that Theresa next doors’ standard rose and pearl one? It’s a competition didn’t you know? Once you’re off the hook, you can pretend to pay attention while she continues to talk about the peach bridesmaid’s dresses, the peach flowers, the peach cobbler and the peach everything… Ahh, marital bliss indeed!

So, visit SND electrical, the UK’s leading electrical suppliers and let us help you with finding the peace and quiet that is every man’s dream. And whilst we’re on the subject, wouldn’t those rope lights you proposed with look amazing in baby’s nursery, too?