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Autumnal Ambience

Autumnal Ambience

With Halloween and Guy Fawkes Night out of the way, it is safe to say that we are well and truly in the midst of autumn. Clocks have gone back, giving us less natural light once again, and cold weather is here to stay. Here at SND Electrical, this can only mean one thing; getting cosy in front of the fireplace, drinking hot drinks and reading that book you never got around to finishing.

Of course, darker days mean we crave cosier atmospheres where we can stay safe, warm and comfortable. Hobbies long forgotten since last winter will resurface - knitting, reading, arts, crafts, music and DIY; and all of these require adequate lighting.

Festive adornments include lots of candles, lights and decorations, which can often take over the whole house. While flickering light is soft, cosy and relaxing, exuding a romantic feel to the home; it is simply not practical for many things you may need to do around the house.

Invest in some new lighting for your home this autumn, and transform the ambience of your abode in one fell swoop. Suspended ceiling lights are a delicate, elegant and sophisticated addition to any room. Crystal wall lights add a touch of maturity and are a demure way of transforming the feel of a room.

Halogen spotlights, floor lamps and suspended ceiling lights are all small changes you can make that can add a dramatic focal point or subtle, understated feature to any room.

Deciding which Christmas lights to choose for your house and tree is a significant decision that takes ambience seriously. If your home is your sanctuary, away from work and external stress; then consider white, static lights and traditional colour decorations for a modern affectation. If your children are at the heart of your home; go for bright, colourful lights that flash, to make your tree the focal point.

For the latest, greatest designs and styles in lighting for your home, please contact SND Lighting today. We could soon have your home feeling and looking like a million dollars, but at a budget that suits your wallet. For other electrical needs around your home, please browse our full website at SND - The Ultimate Supplier.