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Bathroom Lighting Zones

Bathroom Lighting Zones

When it comes to the areas of your house you want to relax in, you would usually suggest the living room and the bedroom. In recent years, the bathroom has been added to this list because what could be more blissful than a soak in the bath with some candles and a good book? Not much! Adding stylish touches to make your bathroom as relaxing and practical as possible isn’t as easy as the other rooms in your home, though. However, with a little help and push in the right direction, the results could be phenomenal. 

Bathroom lights have to adhere to a variety of strict regulations because the mixture of water and electricity can be very dangerous indeed. This is why we have bathroom lighting zones. These zones dictate where it is safe to have lighting in your bathroom.

Practical Lighting

A bathroom can be many things, but it should always be a place for relaxation with plenty of lighting options to allow the room to be transformed from practical to relaxing in an instant. Many people opt for strategically placed candles while others prefer the softer, brighter lighting of a lamp. 

Bathrooms, on a practical level, need good visibility as they are a place where we get ready and prepare for the day ahead. Many people use the bathroom to shave, apply make-up and to brush their teeth. This requires a bright overhead light and good visibility. The use of mirrors is a great way to illuminate the room too, as well as making it appear more spacious. Remember to make the most of the natural lighting, too.

Lighting Zones Explained

Bathroom Lighting Zone regulations are in place to ensure that you have the right protection from harm when it comes to light in your bathroom. There are a number of key lighting zones and corresponding IP ratings for all light fittings used in the bathroom. 

Zone 0 – This zone is for lighting that is inside the bath or shower. Only low voltage lights with a maximum of 12v may be used and must be fully immersion proof. 

Zone 1 – This is the area above a bath or shower to a height of 2.25m from the floor. Lighting in this area must be sufficiently protected from water jets. 

Zone 2 – This is the area of approximately 0.6m around the outside of the bath and shower to a height of 2.25m from the floor. This is also applicable to sink stands too. Lighting in this area must be protected from splashes as a minimum. 

IP Ratings – all bathroom lighting comes with an IP rating number. The first digit between 0-6 correlates to the protection level from ingression of solid objects, e.g. fingers or dust. The second number between 0-8 correlates to the protection level from ingression of water.  The higher the rating, the better protected your bathroom lighting is. 

For more information about bathroom lighting zones, IP ratings and associated electrical requirements in your bathroom, please visit this website. 

To review your bathroom lighting options, please browse our website or contact us on 0121 236 6999 today.