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Bedroom Mood Lighting: How To Get It Right

Bedroom Mood Lighting: How To Get It Right

Inside the offices, we all agree that personal space is somewhere that we are all able to enter into the confines of our own abode, and seek refuge away from the hustle and bustle of the day.  The bedroom in particular is a space of which much of our time is spent either preparing for the day ahead, unwinding from the day or is home to romantic evenings. It is essential that the space not only represents you and your personality but also presents a sanctuary that will instil calm and relaxation.

Colour palettes and furniture are key atmosphere-setting features of a bedroom. Warming colours such as red and purple will offer an inviting scene. Browns and creams create a calm and organic feeling, while blues and yellows can be energetic. Furniture in paler colours will create a lighter space and can brighten dark corners. However, if it is a dark and more sophisticated room, opting for darker furniture will compliment this.

Something that can be frequently over-looked or rather disregarded when it comes to bedrooms is lighting. While you may feel that a dimmer light would offer a better ‘beauty' tone to the room, it can strike up the inclination that it will require too much effort. The only effort that is required is, deciding what mood you'd like the room to centre on. Read on through this post for some tips and pointers in terms of mood lighting.


Suspended ceiling lighting can be the focal point of a room, creating a beautiful hanging piece of art to capture the moment and mood of the room. Particularly in bedrooms, using a dimmer switch with a suspended ‘chandelier' style light can allow the ambience of the room to be completely altered with a single switch. View our vast range of quality dimmers at SNDelectrical today! If it is a particularly larger room, consider having two suspended lights on dimmer switches to allow further control over the lighting of the room. While getting dressed, having both lights on ‘full beam' can ensure you can see everything clearly. For a romantic evening, one of the lights could be turned off, or both could be taken to a lower brightness setting.

Tiffany lights

Period homes can benefit from traditional lighting forms such as Tiffany styles to keep the property consistent. While this type of lighting can appear somewhat dated if it is placed in a modern setting, it can also offer a very flattering light source, especially in the form of a bedside lamp or on a dressing table.

Chrome Sockets

With so much focus on the lighting itself, don't forget that those stark white light switches could be the mood killer, after all the effort you have put in to the beautiful lighting within your boudoir.  Conquer this with the implementation of chrome light switch sockets, they can offer a notable sense of style into an otherwise plain object.

With just a few tips and tricks you can tackle changing the atmosphere of a room, into something far more relaxing and comfortable, so why not get started and take a look around our website.