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Bluetooth Bulb ushers in a Brighter Future

LED Bulb

Tech giant Samsung recently unveiled its new Bluetooth-enabled smart LED light bulb at Lightfair International 2014. This highly innovative feat of design engineering follows the trend of smart-enabled technologies which aim to make our lives both seamless and effortless. 

Smart light bulb moment

Leveraging an industry-first mesh Bluetooth network, the bulb enables users to effortlessly control their lighting directly from any smart device. By simply installing an application, users are instantly able to interact with their lightning; the mesh network allows for controllability of up to 64 lamps within a range of up to 2000 feet. Users of LED light bulbs can expect an astonishing 15,000 hours of usage which equates to around 10 years of highly - efficient light.

Requiring no bridging device the Smart LED light bulb truly gives users full control and power over their lighting outlets. Sleek and slender by design, the bulb is most definitely aesthetically pleasing. This level of care and attention is somewhat we've all come to expect from Samsung who have a hand in almost every technological pie. In a bid to realise their vision of a smart-home future, you can expect the bulb to be just the beginning for Samsung.

Bulb 2 Businesses (B2B)

The bulb is fully-charged with impactful lighting characteristics and a plethora of lighting options which include dimming, colour change as well as a host of other pre-set scenarios for waking up or winding down. Samsung were keen to stress how their lighting innovation wasn't just a shining beacon for the home but offices, hospitality and healthcare industries alike. Information regarding the bulbs development reiterates this cross market approach as they explain that ‘the new range has been designed for both the B2B and B2C markets'.

Director of Marketing at Samsung Electronics America Pooja Vig elaborates further saying, "By integrating smart technology with LED lighting, we are providing solutions that revolutionize how we think about lighting, while enhancing the user experience by putting the power of lighting control in people's hands."

High'light'ing the facts

Here you find just a brief overview of Samsung's Bluetooth enabled smart LED light bulb capabilities:

  • Utilises Bluetooth technology which eliminates the need for a bridge and wireless accessories.
  • The bulb is controlled directly via a smartphone or tablet PC
  • Users can simply access and control up to 64 Smart Bulbs by effortless downloading the relevant applications.
  • The Smart Bulb can be dimmed down to 10% brightness.
  • Up to 15,000 hours per Smart Bulb, which means users will receive approximately 10 years of highly-efficient light.

With the Bluetooth Smart LED light bulbs just a flicker away, the future does indeed look like a bright one and who knows it may get brighter still.