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Bright Driving

Bright Driving

You can use LED strip lighting in a number of places throughout your car to improve the look and the brightness of both the exterior and interior. Here are a few suggestions to where you can place the LED light strips:

  • Headlights - Let's start with the exterior. You can add the strips of LED light bulbs to the underside of the headlights to create a brighter, better looking light. This has already been adapted by some newer cars on the market and it is easy to apply them to your headlights so your car is given a better exterior, especially at night.
  • Inside the boot - The boot lights are often not powerful enough to light up the whole area of the boot so by installing LED's in there, the area will become brighter. The light strips can run around the edges of the boot on the inside so you can see exactly what you need to.
  • Interior - LED light strips can be placed on any surface because they do not heat up. The heat that is lost through normal bulbs is harvested in LED's and used as energy, so they cost less to run and are a lot safer. If you install them around the foot wells of the car or along the sides of the carpet, it will not only improve the light inside the car but it will also add a bit of individuality to the interior. You can get a number of colours too, so you can use some that match the exterior of our car.

These light strips are an easy way to improve the look of your car without spending a small fortune on lights that will not last half as long or look half as good.  They are a simple but effective addition to any interior or exterior. Have a look at our selection and see what colour would suit your vehicle.