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Cadillac in search of a brighter future

Cadillac in search of a brighter future

When performing on stage, the spot lights are often too bright and exceedingly hot making it an uncomfortable and uneasy sensation, two evidential features of traditional halogen lighting and two factors that aren't so efficient when applying this technology to cars.

Due to the nature of LED lighting, traditional halogen bulbs are quickly going out of fashion in terms of automobile technology and many LED light bulbs are confidently leading the way with cool, resourceful coloured lighting that appears to both perform to a higher standard and last a lot longer than the original bulbs.

General Motors has recently announced that the new sleek Cadillac ELR extended range top of the market coupe is the very first electric vehicle to be installed with the brand new LED exterior lighting.

The front LED lights act as the daytime running lights as well as the main headlights, the look is lustrous with intricate detailing throughout the body of the car.

At the back of the Cadillac, the rear vertical tail lights pay a huge tribute to the Converj concept car and though the ELR is anything but traditional, it still manages to integrate recognised past design themes which are central to the company.

It has been recognised that LED light bulbs last much longer and use a momentous amount less energy, allowing the lights to fit in nicely with the ELR's eco-friendly character and beautiful design interpretation.