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‘Chippy’ Extractor Fan Leaves Bungling Burglar Looking like a Battered Sausage

‘Chippy’ Extractor Fan Leaves Bungling Burglar Looking like a Battered Sausage

A burglar was left red-faced, greased and under arrest following his brash attempt at robbing a chip shop in Christchurch (New Zealand). The 18-year old unnamed opportunist tried to clamber his way through the chip shop's extractor fan vent but (embarrassingly) managed to wedge himself tightly in the vent, unable to pluck himself free. 

The man realising his predicament was left with no choice but to yell for assistance, a bystander upon hearing his cries called the emergency services. Inspector Rick Jury of police communications speaking to NZ Newswire said, "Someone heard him calling for help, and the Fire Service was needed to free him." Far from a ‘heave - ho' affair, the fire service had to cut through the vent to free the man who was said to be suffering from symptoms of hyperthermia.

According to a member of staff of the chip shop (Mr Fish & Chip Shop), confirmed the shop had been targeted before. It is thought that the man will be charged for burglary in the next few days.

This story, apart from making you laugh and hungry in equal measure should raise alarms bells especially if you're a business owner wanting to protect your business. SND Electrical are an electrical retail and wholesaling company with over 70 years of experience, who can help you do just that. From CCTV cameras to burglar alarms, detectors to fire panels not to mention the odd extractor fan or two - SND Electrical offer the most comprehensive and high quality range of electrical goods that ensure your business stays safe and secure.

Alongside SND's extensive security catalogue are their electrical, LED and Lighting ranges, which provide a myriad of electrical solutions for your entire home, business or trade needs.

Customer service, pricing and high stock are all high on the SND agenda and with their 70 year proven track record we ‘charge' ahead of all competition.

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