Oyn-x PSU5-4WAYB 4 Way Power Supply 5 amp 12V


The Oynx (otherwise known as Qvis) PSU5-4WAYB is a plug in 5 amp, 12 volt power supply and 4 camera adapter to provide power. 5 amps provides plenty of power for larger cameras with more powerful Infra-red illumination and easily copes with less demanding cameras such as the internal domes or smaller day/night products.

Input Voltage Range : 100-240VAC
Output Voltage : 12VDC
Output Current : 5Amp
Output Power : 60W
Input Freq Range : 47-63Hz
Voltage without load : 12-12.6VDC
Voltage with full load : 11.8-12.6VDC
Current Range : 0.1-5A
Start Time : <3s
Hold Up Time : <20s
Over Current Protection : Rated Current 150% - 200%