Oyn-X KIT-WIFI-1-1TB HD NVR Kit 2 x 2MP Camera


Oyn-x (otherwise known as Qvis) KIT-WIFI-1-1TB HD NVR Kit featuring 2 x 2MP Cameras

  • 1080p/960p/720p Wireless, 8-channel network video recorder
  • Built-in Wi-Fi with high-performance and high stability
  • Auto-connects to cameras
  • 4x4 Quad view and 360°, panoramic viewing
  • Video preview/recording/playback/backup
  • Remote HD video output, up to 30m transmitting through 2x walls
  • Multiple remote monitoring including smartphone/tablet (Android/iOS) or PC
  • Supports many third party trigger alarms
  • USB Backup (2x USB 2.0 ports)
  • Installed 1TB HDD (max. 6TB supported)
  • Supplied with 2x 2MP bullet cameras
  • Additional 2MP bullet and dome cameras also available