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Crabtree Platinum Sockets & Switches

Cheap Crabtree Platinum

When decorating your house, it is often tempting to stop working after the last piece of furniture has been repositioned or after the last wall is painted, but why stop there? Crabtree platinum offer a huge selection of plug sockets, switches, TV sockets along with everything else you could possibly need to customize your home and to ensure your electrical is fitted with the best looking and highest quality protection around. These designs fit particularly well with modern day houses, however are said to complement old-fashioned interiors just the same. With a choice of either black nickel, highly polished and satin chrome, or brass for your Crabtree switches, Crabtree electrical guarantee the upmost quality when protecting your home electrical appliances.

Crabtree platinum also offer blank plates in all four styles to conceal unused wires and electrical devices for maximum protection in your home. These blank plates also provide the opportunity for future use of these concealed wires with their easy instalment and removal promise. Flip the switch on your bold brass plug socket or dim your lights with a beautiful satin chrome double gang dimmer. Or, for a more futuristic feel to your home, with a simple touch you can brighten or fade out your home lighting with the advanced Crabtree touch dimmer.

Make your home shine with Crabtree platinum.