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Create a Winter Wonderland

Create a Winter Wonderland

Now December is here, we can almost see Christmas on the horizon - and that can only mean one thing; it's time to get wrapping up presents, preparing for a family feast and decorating your home... but not necessarily in that order. Pick yourself a fragrant tree, find the very best decorations and lights, and sit back and relax with a glass of eggnog.

Whether you wait until Christmas Eve to decorate your tree or get excited and start the process now in Early December, your tree will need a prime position. You will need plenty of space around it for presents and gifts, and enough room on the actual tree, for decorations and lights.

For the illusion of a white Christmas, even if the weather fails us, you can use snow spray on the outer branches of your tree, as well as on your windows and doors. Decorate your home and tree with streamers and cards, tinsel and baubles, sweets and candy canes, stockings and stars. And don't forget the lights!

For those of you that like to go all out with the décor, line your driveway with lanterns , add some holly and ribbons to your wall light for a festive feel and you can even light up any trees in your garden, running lights around the trunk and branches.

Fill your home with the spirit of Christmas; pine cones, flowers and boughs of holly. Eat your dinner by candlelight and add sparkle and snowflakes to every room for a real winter wonderland atmosphere. Add a wreath to your front door and scatter presents around the house; you'll soon banish any lingering Scrooges!

Add another touch of glitz and glam to your home this Christmas with a draped chandelier, such as the crystal Frankelite Jazzy that glitters and sparkles, showing you with drops of light, in place of snow. A truly elegant addition to your winter wonderland atmosphere, thanks to one of the top electrical suppliers in the UK.

Perhaps the rustic, festive feeling portrayed by the Frankelite Carousel is more your style. With a guiding light twinkling above you, you will feel the true magic of Christmas every time you switch on the light.

Remember, though, it wouldn't be a Winter Wonderland without gifts, family and love, regardless of the extravagant decorations or the sophisticated lighting from one of the UK's best electrical suppliers,  SND Electrical.

For those that want to make this year even more special, however, please do not hesitate to get in touch and order your festive lighting today.