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Creating an LED-Inspired Den

Creating an LED-Inspired Den

LED lighting is brilliant. Its versatility means you can use it almost anywhere, and its robust nature makes it perfect for the rough and tumble of children's bedrooms. This type of lighting comes in a variety of styles, from decorative and intricate options to designs that favour simplicity.    

So, with this in mind, why not create an LED-inspired den for your little one? Perhaps you'd prefer a garden hideaway just for the adults, to enjoy a glass of wine and some general chit-chat under gu10 bulbs? Not only are these lights highly affordable, but they will add a personal touch to any property.

If you're stumped for ideas though, read on. Below we have compiled a couple of ideas you can use to craft an LED-inspired den.

Teddy Bears' Picnic

We are all familiar with the classic teddy bears' picnic setting, but why not add a modern twist to this nursery rhyme? You can go all-out and set up a den using sofa cushions and small poles or, if the space allows, you can purchase a small playhouse to pop in the corner of your child's bedroom.

Once everything is set up, all you need to do is accessorise (this is the fun part)! So, grab the checked cushions and pop up a set of curtains to enhance the beauty of the LED lights. You can hang a string of these lights like a garland, or you can create a centrepiece by popping LED light bulbs in a jar.

For additional accessories, you can lay the table with cute china pieces or pack a basket with goodies and tie coloured ribbon around the handle. You could also grab a few blankets to make your child's teddy bears' picnic cosier, and hang a couple of sweet butterfly or heart decorations from the roof.

Adults' Haven

If, however, you want something cute and cosy for the grown-ups, consider taking it into the garden. It's time to make use of that dusty summer house that has been left to rot. With a quick spring clean, a few accessories and of course, LED bulbs, you can create the perfect all-weather adult's haven. So, let's get started!

You can pop down to your local furnishings store and pick up a couple of large cushions to make sure everyone is comfy in your den. You can fully equip your den too with blankets and cute decorations like these.

Now for the LED lights. As mentioned, you can use gu10 LED bulbs for spotlights or, you can follow the fairy light trend by placing a strip of LED lighting around the edge of the cushions. This will provide a gorgeous, soft glow, ideal for nostalgia.

These are just two ways you can create an LED-inspired den. Do you have any more ideas, accessories or suggestions for our readers?

If you want to purchase LED lighting, look no further than SND Electrical. We have a range of designs and styles, all ideal for easy home and garden installation. Please feel free to take a look through our collection.