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Designing A Contemporary Bathroom

Designing A Contemporary Bathroom

What you consider to be ‘great’ interior design for a bathroom will depend very much on your personal tastes. Whilst there are many ways to create an amazing bathroom, there are particular designs and features that can really make a bathroom stand out from the crowd. 

When designing the interior of a bathroom there are many things that need to be considered. One thing you should keep in mind before renovating is the effect a subtle design with contemporary elements can have. This will allow the bathroom to change with the trends, able to stay up to date with just a few changes needed as far as colours and accessories are concerned. In 2014, bathroom trends have been sleek and modern, with an element of personalisation achieved with colour and accessories.

Below is a checklist compiled by us here at SND Electrical that will help you create a smart, modern bathroom. Read on for more.

LED Lights

When it comes to home improvement and trying to enhance the decorative appeal of a bathroom, many different types of lighting are being incorporated into designs. LED Lights are one of the fastest growing trends in home renovation. They offer more light at reduced electrical consumption, making them twice as viable as their competition. 

This year’s trends have dictated that energy saving lights are a must have, not only for use in bathrooms but for use in all areas. They are becoming increasingly popular because of their affordability and their distinctive eco-friendly quality, and not only do they help to save precious energy; they also reduce the electricity bill. Using LED lights is a win-win situation because they deliver more cost and energy efficient lighting than standard incandescent lights, and they are safer to handle and will last longer. Click here to view our range of LED lights. 

Spot Lighting

Instead of having big bulbs and huge light fittings, opt for sleek and stylish bathroom spot lights that will not only highlight each area of your bathroom, but provide ambient lighting at the same time. If you aren’t too keen on spot lights then semi flush ceiling lights would also work well in a bathroom. 

Simple Coloured and Patterned Tiles  

Muted colours are essential to creating a modern-looking bathroom, especially when it comes to the tiles. You will find bright colours ruin the contemporary aesthetic appeal, so if you want to incorporate colours stick with light shades of earthy and metallic palettes. These may be the best options to play it safe with, but they will still look splendid. 

Final Note

You need to incorporate the right kind of bathroom lighting so it will blend well with the colour combination and the overall feel of the bathroom. The size of a bathroom plays a pivotal role in its lighting and colour scheme, so plan everything through before executing anything. Also, when choosing lights for mirrors and sinks, one rule that should always be remembered is that both sides of the mirror should be illuminated. Shelf lights are also an emerging trend, their contemporary style and practicality making them a must-buy accessory for any bathroom. 

If you're looking for practical yet aesthetically pleasing lighting for your bathroom, look no further than SND Electrical