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Do LED Light Bulbs Get Hot?

Do LED Light Bulbs Get Hot?

Here at SND Electrical we are often asked if LED Light Bulbs get hot and if so how hot? We are sure you will be very surprised to learn that in fact LED Light Bulbs do not tend to get hot at all, in this article we explain why;

LED Light Bulbs are dramatically cooler than a regular light bulb as only 20% of the energy for an LED Light Bulb is used for heating the light bulb; whereas 80% of the energy is used to produce the light. When we compare this to an ordinary light bulb 80% of the energy is used to heat the bulb and just 20% of energy is used to produce the light - a big difference?

Worryingly a number of house fires have been linked to paper or rubbish being kept near a hot light (an ordinary light bulb that has been left on for a long length of time). For example, bed side lamps often use halogen light bulbs which can become hot over time, as you put your bedtime book under the light and have a nap the light bulb becomes hotter and can start a fire with the book - this is just one (very important) reason why you should change your halogen light bulbs to LED Light Bulbs, for the safety of you and your family.

It is definitely worth considering the extra safety factor offered by LED Light Bulbs when compared to Halogen Light Bulbs.