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Electrical Work for Restaurants

Electrical Work for Restaurants

Electrical work is integral to any business. For restaurants, it is particularly crucial because electricity is used for a variety of purposes and essential tasks. From regular LED lighting and TV cables to backup generator wiring in case of an electrical breakdown, a proper restaurant should have a proper power network to conduct their day to day business.
In today’s post, we will look at some aspects of laying electrical work for restaurants. The idea is to inform restaurant owners how to properly get their restaurant ready for the big opening, or how to renovate their existing restaurant to give it a new look and vibe.
Lighting plays a vital part in creating a first impression. Depending on the type of restaurant, the lighting will enhance the theme though mood lighting is not suitable for all restaurants. For example, there aren’t many requirements in terms of mood lighting for fast food restaurants; all they require is sufficient lighting for patrons to sit and enjoy their meal.
For specialty restaurants that provide formal dining experiences though, lighting plays a much more pivotal role. Firstly, it must reflect the theme of the restaurant. Secondly, it must boost the atmosphere and ambience created. As such, ambient lighting and the electrical layout of the restaurant must be properly planned beforehand.
Kitchen Work
There are many different parts of a restaurant, and each requires its own set of wiring and electrical work. The kitchen is heavier on appliances than it is on lighting though, as there are only practical lighting requirements to consider. The equipment, however, needs a reliable source of power. Electrical outlets should be clearly marked on all sides of the kitchen, and the wiring needs to be strong enough to handle the workload.
Security Wiring and Cables
Security is yet another aspect of a professional establishment. This includes CCTV coverage of the premises, outside as well as inside. The key inside areas may include the kitchen, the front lobby, and the dining areas, whilst the outside cameras should focus on outside parking areas and the back and front entrances.
For back entrances, it may be worth installing floodlights as well as CCTV systems, to keep the area illuminated. As well as improving safety, the extra lighting will help the CCTV camera capture a clearer picture though most CCTV cameras now operate with night vision. Both the cameras and the lights need proper electric wiring though; wiring that cannot and should not be altered or interrupted from the outside.
For more information on electrical wiring and the best layouts for restaurants, contact a trusted, reliable and professional electrician. You can also browse our site to see what products we offer in terms of electrical fixtures, lighting, and security.