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Emotive Lighting

Emotive Lighting

Inspiration and muse are two words that come to mind whenever someone mentions colours. It's true, however, that colours have the power to make us feel a certain way. This psychological process is baffling to say the least however, at the same time, understanding what kinds of colours are supposed to make us feel happy, sad, angry or calm is a great way to decorate accordingly.    

Of course, it must be noted that everyone's different and what makes one person feel relaxed may have a negative effect on another. In saying this, there are a few colours that make the majority feel a certain way. We will be taking a look at just five of these colours in today's blog post.


Ah, blue. A favourite colour of many, but do we know why? Well it may be down to the fact that blues are associated with tranquillity and peaceful emotions. In addition, according to the Huffington Post, blue shades are also said to "slow down heart rate and lower blood pressure." So, perhaps a trip to the seaside for a taste of that salty sea air could be more than just a lovely day out for the family.


As quite a sophisticated colour, purple is said to evoke feelings of confidence as well as prosperity. It is also commonly cited as a royal colour, making it feel and appear very luxurious. If you're aiming for an extravagant home design, you can always test different shades of purple to see which meets your preferences.

Alternatively, if you don't want to go all out on the walls, a simple strip of LED lighting in this colour can transform a room and make it look divine.


Orange is a very energetic colour and can stimulate verve in individuals. Wall art with images like sunsets can be great to bring into the home if you don't want to go all out and splash the walls a vibrant orange.


Yellow, as many of you will know, symbolises hope and happiness, making it the perfect colour to bring into the home if you find yourself stuck with a rain cloud above your head. Things like artificial sunflowers, abstract paintings and even fruit bowls can help to lift the spirits for the day ahead.


Our final colour is beige which is known to evoke feelings of warmth and welcome, and not just because it's the colour of the foam on your coffee. It can be a great colour to come home to after a hard day at the office as it provides comfort and serenity to individuals.

These are just five colours and the feelings associated with them. Do you have any more you would like to share?

If you're looking for emotive lighting for the home, why not opt for LED light bulbs? Not only are they cost-efficient, they are energy-efficient too making them ideal for homeowners who want a lighting option that is a little lighter on the pockets.

We have a number of different LED light styles to choose from so please feel free to browse through our collection to find exactly what you need