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Fashionable and Functional Statement Lighting


Lighting in your home should have the ability to set the mood and make a statement - more than just simply illuminating your living space.

Ideally, your home is set up to allow as much natural light to brighten up your living space, although the sun is only out for so many hours in a day. When you want to sit down with a good book, set the mood for that special someone or to simply light up your bathroom, then look towards electrical suppliers in Birmingham to provide functional lighting.


Spotlights are the perfect way to draw your attention to something - just as every leading actor or actress seeks the spotlight, so should your home.

Those proud achievements that you have hung up on the wall can be highlighted with a stylish spotlight, or direct your attention. For instance, a dartboard set up in the ‘mancave' is a very popular reason why many invest in spotlights - even if your arrows don't hit the bullseye, your lighting is guaranteed to.

Chrome Wall Lights

Wall lights are an excellent method of instilling a sense of style into your home. Not only do they look great, it is an ideal way of illuminating a secluded section of a room without lighting up the entire space.

Chrome wall lights are available in a range of sizes and designs, suitable for any household and budget. Whether your goal is to introduce fashion into your living room, or just to add an extra lighting source into a room, you will not go far wrong with wall lighting.

Bathroom Lights

There are four main bathroom lighting zones to consider, which are:

  • Zone 0 - inside of the bath or shower, all fittings must not exceed 12v and completely immersion proof (IP67).
  • Zone 1 - the area above the bath or shower (to 2.25m from the floor), most shower lights are rated at least IP65.
  • Zone 2 - this is the area around the bath or shower and all lights here must be rated at least IP44.
  • Outside zones - these are areas in the bathroom that are not near any water such as taps and shower heads; these zones do not hold a minimum requirement.

With all of these requirements in mind, SND Electrical has something for all areas of the bathroom, including cheap ceiling lights, ensuring an illuminated bathroom fit for your needs where you can wash the day away.

For more information on all of our lighting systems, please give our team a call on 0121 236 6999.