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Five Home Renovation Ideas For The Winter

Five Home Renovation Ideas For The Winter

With the summer well and truly gone, homeowners up and down the country are tackling winter. As a result of changes in the weather and temperature, each season brings about its own wardrobe in the world of fashion, and the same can be said for the world of home renovation and decoration.

If you haven’t yet planned anything in terms of updating your home decor for next year, this season is the perfect time to sit down and do so. Winter should encourage you to work on your house, updating it and making it as cosy and beautiful as you can, according to the latest trends. Below we have compiled five ideas to help you decorate your home for the changing seasons using a few of the products we offer here at SND Electrical.

Go Seasonal: Keep Your House Fresh Throughout the Year

Be inspired by the seasonal scenery and weather outside. You can’t go wrong using accessories and furnishings that are seasonally inspired, or even brought in seasonally. For instance, putting winter inspired centrepieces on tables or using crockery with an early spring floral motif are both great ways of reflecting the season indoors. Restyling your home according to the changing seasons can make it feel very fresh, but still homely, for you and your guests.

New Rugs for a Graceful Floor

Whether it’s a warm wooden floor or an antique Persian rug, replacing your current flooring with a new surface will bring a whole new feel to your home. As well as feeling the difference in terms of texture and comfort, you will be able to see the difference new flooring can make to the overall look and feel of any room. New flooring really is a great way to transform any interior. 

Pile on the Pillows

When it comes to decorating, using piles of pillows is a great way for you to experiment with different colours, textures and patterns in any room. In fact, cushions, pillows and soft furnishings are the quickest and easiest ways to experiment with colours. Jewel colours like plum and turquoise are a great choice for a winter palette, and they complement one another surprisingly well. For added effect, you can incorporate different textures or experiment with patterns as well as colour. 

Install Interior LED Strip Lighting 

Looking at separate elements like lighting is a great idea when it comes to decorating. LED lights, particularly LED strip lighting, is a simple and effective way to transform any home. LED strip lights can be installed in your living room, bathroom, kitchen and just about any area of the home. By using LED strip lights, you can illuminate those areas of your home that aren’t well-lit, as well as those areas that need dressing up. Click here to see our collection of LED strip lighting!

Bring Out Your Inner Artist 

Adding statement-making pieces of artwork to your bedroom or living room can transform a room. It can also speak volumes to guests about your excellent taste in art and decoration. Decorative pieces like musical instruments, artificial flowers and statues can add a great deal of interest or elegance to your home.

Each season brings with it new opportunities to give your home a facelift. Winter is the season where we spend most of our time indoors. It is also known as the holiday season in most parts of the world, so when it comes to creativity, there are virtually no limits. Anyone can give their home a makeover, and after reading the pointers mentioned in this article, you should feel inspired to redecorate your home and give it a fresh, unique look. Of course, if you still need ideas you can ask friends and family for inspiration or search the internet for interior design ideas and tips. For all of your product needs though, look no further than SND Electrical!