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Health and Safety: Plug Sockets

Health and Safety: Plug Sockets

So, you’ve just ordered a socket cover from SND Electrical; that’s great! Whether you went traditional with our brass covers, or you wanted something a little more sweet and simple (turn to our satin chrome options), we’re sure you’ll be pleased with the aesthetics.
However, even though your socket is no longer exposed, you still need to keep safety tips in check, and in mind.
So, keep reading to see just a few tips for staying safe with plug sockets.
Avoid Overloading the Socket
Plugging in several extension leads, all connected to one another, isn’t the best idea, as it is extremely unlikely the socket is built to deal with such a demanding energy supply. Overloading the socket can be dangerous and may cause overheating, so remember to keep it moderate, and make use of other sockets in the property if you have a couple of things to charge or plug in.
Liquid is a Huge No
We all (should) know that having liquid around any form of electrical is a big no-no. Electric shocks can be fatal, so keeping all drinks and containers filled with water, juice, squash and the like away from plug sockets is always a good idea.
Keep Little Hands Away
As well as keeping your little one away from live plug sockets, you also need to make sure you turn them off, to diminish the likelihood of a nasty shock. As for the former though, you can purchase safety plugs to pop in the socket in case your little one decides to go exploring. Maximising safety, especially for children who may not be aware of the safety tips for plug sockets, is of the utmost importance.
These are just three safety tips to bear in mind, even with your socket cover from Do you have any more that you’d like to share?