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Highest LEDs In The World

Highest LEDs In The World

The world's tallest buildings have dominated and defined the skylines of our major cities. But with the introduction of specialist LED lighting, they are also illuminating the night sky above renowned cityscapes.

However, these extensive lighting rigs are made from more than just your run of the mill GU10 LED bulbs, they comprise of some of the most potent LED technology available, which are bolstered by expert programming and immensely powerful spot lights to create astonishing displays.

Below is just a selection of some of the most impressive buildings which currently make use of LED lighting.

The mighty Burj Khalifa tower in Dubai currently holds the title of the world's tallest building. The building is a head spinning 2,717 feet tall, has 163 floors and is said to house 900 residents, a hotel designed by George Armani and nearly 7 acres of park land. At night this towering edifice makes use of some 300 projectors, sky tracers and integrated LED lighting systems to produce one of the most impressive light displays in the Middle East.

Staying in the Middle East, the Makkah Royal Clock Tower Hotel in Saudi Arabia clocks in at an impressive 1,971 feet and is illuminated by over 2 million individual LEDs. This impressive building plays host to several shopping centres and hotels and dominates the skyline of Makkah.

The next building is in the U.S and is arguably one of the most iconic buildings in history, The Empire State Building. Once considered the tallest building in the world and frequently depicted in movies, The Empire State Building has recently been upgraded with a state of the art LED lighting system. The system reportedly has 16 million shades of colour which can be used to illuminate the interior and exterior. This is a far cry from the single spot light which used to adorn the top of it.

Next comes the tallest building in Europe, The Shard in London. At just over 1,000 feet this building is only the 66th tallest in the world, but, with ingenious use of LEDs, spotlights and multi-coloured lasers, it is no less impressive than the other buildings on this list.

Using a fraction of the energy of normal bulbs, as well as being easily programmed and available in a host of colours, LEDs are revolutionising the way we light our buildings and our homes.