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Highlight Your Home in the Right Way

Highlight Your Home in the Right Way

Are you looking to transform your abode from an average house with fixed lighting into a standout home to wow your guests from the minute they step in? Create the right ambience and atmosphere in your home by choosing the right light fixtures, the correct bulbs and, above all, the right placement of these lights.

Your home serves many purposes. You need a space for living, for sleeping, for bathing, for cooking, learning and relaxing. Natural lighting varies so much throughout the year, especially around the UK so it is important to get your home lighting choices right first time.

Here at SND Electrical in Birmingham, we understand that different parts of your home have different requirements; which is exactly the reason why we provide you with a broad range to suit all your needs.

Natural Light Maximised

Make the most of any natural lighting you have in your home by hanging mirrors - not only do they reflect the light but make rooms appear larger, too.

Use light window coverings such as voile and muslin to diffuse any harsh lighting, and use light coloured curtains that don't absorb available light.

Pale furnishings and décor are also ideal for reflecting light and making a room appear brighter.

That being said, the bedroom is the one place where we like to block out natural light to promote restful sleep so be wary of incorporating these ideas if you are a light sleeper!

Create Ambience

Instead of natural light, almost every room in your home will have a pendant light. The light produced is often very flat, requiring additional light sources to create a suitable atmosphere for each room. Accent and task lights are important parts of any home lighting plan.

Accent lighting can be used to create depth and shade, as well as a means of lending focus to particular parts of a room. Use spotlights, lamps and down lighting to add to the ambience, highlight your prized possessions and features and create a room that speaks volumes about your personality. Accent lights are often softer and create a homely, cosy feel.

Task lighting is required in rooms that need concentration and attention - such as a study or the kitchen.

With that in mind, it is important to choose the right light bulbs for each room, too. Halogens are incandescent and are very efficient when using a lower voltage. LED lighting is also ideal for lighting rooms with ease. These bulbs would work perfectly on a dimmer switch to control the level of lighting that you need.

Spotlights are perfect for the kitchen and bathroom, as well as highlighting prized possessions in one swift move.

SND Electrical is your ultimate supplier of home lighting solutions in the Birmingham area; please browse our store and feel free to contact us should you require any further information.