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Hit the Lights

Hit the Lights

Home improvement has become something that many people try to push aside and leave for another day. At the same time, it is also something that we find incredibly therapeutic once it has been done. It isn’t so much about the effort involved or the time it takes; it’s actually more about implementing the change and the fear of failing to get it right.

But, on the other hand, you never know until you do it, right? Better now than never. 

There is one extremely important element that a lot of us, who follow the current seasonal trends and styles, seem to forget, though, and that is the importance of lighting. 

A dim mansion set in the dark could give you a completely depressive feeling as opposed to a flat bathed in light, right? 

People tend to use candles and adjustable lighting to create ambience and particular desired atmospheres in their homes. With lighting predominantly in mind, you are well on your way to a more positive home and a more positive you. 

It is, however, important to consider which areas of your home you would need to implement this concept into, though, as you wouldn’t want to break the bank or end up going completely over the top. Introducing touches of quality lighting in strategically chosen areas of your home will work wonders, trust us. After all, we are experts in our field! 

Think Outside 

Exterior lighting is just as important as the interior lighting in your home. If you are house proud, then you will want the aesthetics of your home to be just as appealing on the outside as on the inside. The visual appeal, along with the additional security, will only serve to be added peace of mind. Opt for motion sensor lighting, though, to reduce energy output. 

Inside Your Home 


Always wondered if it’s just you who spends an immeasurable amount of your time in the bathroom? Nope, a lot of us tend to spend a lot of time in this particular room. Darker rooms tend to leave us feeling somewhat glum for no reason. You can freshen up your bathroom by giving it a lick of fresh (light) paint, quality lighting and introducing mirrors to reflect the light.


The majority of us change our clothes and try on different outfits in our bedrooms. Along with this, if not the bathroom, then makeup is often applied in this particular mirror as well. So, the area where your mirror I situated is fundamental. Install spotlights just above and in front of your mirror and bingo, your bum doesn’t actually look big in those jeans! Problem solved.

Living Room

Your living room tends to be the main area where you spend most of your time. Usually, this is where the TV lives and where most family conversations are had - along with celebrations and entertaining guests. It I, therefore, imperative to get this room right, and by that, we mean lighting, atmosphere, warmth, relaxed and inviting ambience - the whole lot!

Not only should we pay attention to lighting fixtures here, but many of us also go wrong with our choice of bulb too. Opt for LED or fluorescent lighting to save you both money and energy. Also, work out what the piece de resistance of this room is, and then focus on how to organise your lighting to show it off.

Overall, improving your home isn’t as difficult as you originally thought, after all.  You might even now find yourself replaced with an element of excitement, perhaps?

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