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How Many Recessed Downlights Should Be Installed In A Room?

How Many Recessed Downlights Should Be Installed In A Room?

Recessed lighting adds great ambiance to any house. Recessed downlights also allow home owners to consider task lighting and general lighting options. But how many recessed lights should be installed in their house or a particular room?

While having inadequate recessed lights in a room means more dark areas, having a lot of lights installed would result in a room that is too bright and warm as well. Also, having an unnecessary amount of recessed lights would increase your electric bill.

In order to figure out how many recessed downlights you need in a room first measure the length, width and height of the room. Noting down complete details of the room's size will help you figure out at what distance you would need to install the recessed downlights.

You should also note areas in the room which require a bit of darkness. Lighting up each and every corner of the room would make the room's interior lose its detailing and charm.

You also need to locate the electrical circuits in the room. The number of circuits would allow you to determine which spots are best to install the lights but you should always keep in mind that most of the power load of the lights should be put on the circuit that holds greatest wattage.

If you will assess the whole room carefully by keeping the above in mind, you will be able to easily figure out how many recessed downlights you need to install in the room.