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Improving Home Security this Autumn

Improving Home Security this Autumn

Now that autumn has arrived, the days are getting shorter - made all the more obvious by the fact that it is dark before you have even left the office! It is, therefore, important to consider how safe your home is on a daily basis while you are out and about; how would you feel coming home to find it ransacked with your prized possessions missing?

According to the Office for National Statistics and Crime Survey for England and Wales, there were more than 700,000 burglaries in the last year and most of them occurred between 11 am and 5 pm while homeowners were out at work.

This autumn, make an investment in the long-term security of your home with a home 

CCTV system security. However, it is still important to pay extra due care and attention when it comes to your home. We have some home security tips for you this autumn.

Be discrete about your travels

Before travelling, it can be very tempting to post photos on social media, but that can expose your home for opportunistic burglars. So, before heading off to your travels  refrain from posting too many details about your plans online and ensure that all valuables are secure. It is also worth cancelling deliveries as a pile of unread newspapers is a telltale sign that the house is empty, making it a prime target.

Install exterior lighting

High voltage halogen lights can turn night into day with the flip of a switch or a slight movement within a specified distance with motion sensors. So, if you hear something outside in the dark be sure to switch your light on. Motion sensors are great if you are going away because they come on automatically, leaving potential thieves lit up with nowhere to hide. This works especially well with security cameras, as it can provide better images.

Invest in a security alarm

An alarm can reduce chances of a burglary, tenfold.  Have yours connected to all doors, windows and other access points in your home to keep it protected while you are out and about. Top tip: have a test run during daylight hours so that you are certain you are fully protected.

Secure access points

Windows are by and far the most tempting access points for burglars so make sure that yours are fitted with locks - and keep the keys somewhere safe. Double glazing is much more secure compared to single-paned glass windows, which can be shattered easily.

It is also important that rear entry gates are locked at night and your back garden remains as secure as possible. Most burglars tend to access points which are hidden and an insecure and unattended back gardens are their favourite point of infiltration, for this very reason.

Regardless of how many deterrent measures you have in place, you can add an additional layer of protection to your home by having internal lights on a timer.

Utilising home CCTV cameras is a growing security measure here in the UK. Thieves target not just items of monetary value but they often take items that are much more sentimental, too. Can you afford to take the risk?

Please contact us on 0121 236 5012 to discuss your home security needs.