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In the Limelight

In the Limelight

Taking pictures, capturing events, sharing them on social media in the form of photos, scenes, videos, snaps and selfies seem to have taken over the world today.

Wherever you go, everyone seems to be taking pictures.  Someone is taking a picture of their meal, someone with their friends, some sharing their snaps on social media, some of the scenery and some to cherish as a memory.

It has somehow become a type of virtual blog of the stages in someone’s day, year and life. There are also those who transform this hobby into a profession.

The one important factor for all those snap-happy enthusiasts though, seems to boil down to one thing…Lighting.

Lighting makes a major difference to pictures in the essence that it could make a picture or break it. Great lighting can work wonders for a standard photo taken at just the right moment or can be the downfall of the picture entirely.

This is backed up by all the new applications available today to enhance or create effects on pictures; lighting plays a major role in picture enhancement.

Capturing light at the exact right moment can also enhance a photo to make a perfect snap, which is why a lot of professional photographers will always take their time along with numerous snaps in different lighting and poses, adjusting to the light in order to get the perfect snap.

The lighting on a picture can also affect the part of the picture you would like to most focus on, say, for example, if you were to stand in a dimly lit room under one spotlight; the focus of that picture would be you, in the light. In the same way, reflecting too much light into a picture can add glare to it, which takes away the focus and ends up just reflecting the light.

There are also ways to implement soft lighting in a picture to set the mood too. Bouncing light off a large object close by, such as a wall or door can soften the light on your focus.

In the same way, the way your home or business aesthetically looks to the eye also has a dependence on lighting. For example, you wouldn’t use sharp focus LED lights in a warm and cosy lounge, whilst you wouldn’t use soft, dim light in the kitchen perhaps? You would most likely place them the other way round.

For more help and tips on how to choose the best lighting for your home (and for your pictures), take a look at SND Electrical; the leading electricity suppliers in Birmingham.

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