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Interior Lighting And Design

Interior Lighting And Design

There is a vast amount of options when it comes to lighting in the home and at businesses, from little touch lamps for next to the bed through to industrial lighting for factories.

Lighting is an important part of any space, without it, we would struggle to see and work. It also plays a vital part in creating the appearance and feel of a room.

Many traditional light fittings are centralised within a room to project light across the room but there are other options which provide the same, if not better, results. Traditional lighting can be found in many homes so why not try something a little different and improve the atmosphere too.

LED strip lighting is both affordable and practical making it a perfect solution to any of your lighting woes. Not only does it have a monetary benefit but they also flexible strips which can be placed or stuck in a variety of places around your home or office. LED strip lights are easy to fit and can enhance the mood of a room. They can be used as a decorative addition to your home or you could use them to be the main light source in your home which will completely change the lighting dynamic.    

Practicality, price and performance are all things that matter and these are all things that LED lighting strips possess. On top of this they are aesthetically pleasing too and can often create a subtle light when hidden under surfaces and desks for example.

They require no brackets or addition permanent fittings as they are fitted with their own self-adhesive backing which allows them to be stuck to a number of surfaces. The heat lost through normal light fittings is harvested within LED light bulbs as they use this heat to create light, which means they will cost you considerably less to keep alight too.

These LED light strips can be used in a number of ways to improve the interior of your home or office and here a just a few we think could give you inspiration:

  • The under side of kitchen cabinets
  • On top of a bookshelf
  • Placed under desks or file cabinets
  • Added to ceiling features
  • Run along the stairs

These are only a few ideas; you can be creative as you want because LED light strips allow you to be.