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Interior Lighting Tips for a Brighter Home

Interior Lighting Tips for a Brighter Home

Anyone can invest in high quality interior lights for their home however; choosing the right lights to illuminate each room can often be a challenge. Each and every room in your home has different lighting needs; while some rooms need brighter lights (like the kitchen for daily tasks), others need a warm spread of light across the room.

So, to help you out, we have compiled a few tips to choosing the right interior lights for a brighter home.

Rules of Thumb

When it comes to lighting options, there are usually two rules of thumb. The first is that you should have a mixture of light sources installed at various levels in order to create a flattering ambience. The second is that you should choose the right kind of lighting for the activities and tasks you do in that particular room.

You should also make sure that, if you're not experienced in installing lighting, you hire a specialist to do it for you to avoid causing any damage to the ceiling or roof and injury such as electric shocks.

The Living Room

First, let's talk about the living room. A living room is normally the most utilised room in the home making it important to have adequate lighting installed. You can try a combination of floor and table lamps along with a few recessed downlights or even LED strip lights can work a charm as part of the decoration. Remember to use your imagination and add a personal touch of lighting to each room to really make your house a home.

Dining Room

The next area to cover is the dining room. You should consider installing a light directly above the table to provide adequate lighting during meals and having a side lamp on a nearby table if you don't want to flood the room with bright light. You should also think about the wattage of the bulbs and consider your electricity bills before investing; many choose to stay below 100 or use energy saving bulbs to help bring down their monthly and annually costs.


The bedroom is another room that would look simply wonderful with LED strip lights. Also, with this room you have one of two options; you can either go bold and bright or instead go for a warming glow that will slowly set across the room. If it's a guest bedroom, it may be worth selecting low wattage bulbs as it won't be used that often whereas the master bedroom could benefit from a slightly brighter output.


Lastly, you need to provide attention to the bathroom lighting. Bathrooms are often the room most homeowners tend to neglect when it comes to ensuring sufficient lighting and they're also one of the rooms that need the most attention. It is recommended to install a set of LED or energy saver bulbs in various parts of your bathroom. This way, you are not only saving on electricity bills, you are also ensuring that only areas that need attention are being lit.

These are just a few interior lighting tips for the home. Do you have any more that you'd like to share?