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Is It Possible To Purchase Dimmable LED Bulbs?

Is It Possible To Purchase Dimmable LED Bulbs?

There is a new LED Light Bulb on the market and it's taking the LED Lighting world by storm. It's the Dimmable LED Light Bulbs and they are helping homeowners all over the world save money on their electricity bills.

LEDs have been on the market for years now, when they first came out they did not offer enough lighting but after a vast make-over these little guys are now all over the place due to the huge demand for energy efficient products.

It seems that the ordinary bulbs in our homes are only 20% energy efficient whereas your standard LED light bulb is over 80% energy efficient and lasts 10 times longer than an ordinary light bulb and because the LED Light Bulbs works at such low temperatures this further reduces the risk of fire.

Because LED Light Bulbs use less energy and last longer it also means they work out cheaper and they save you money on your ever rising energy costs, due to using less energy.

You can choose all sorts of LED Lighting solutions for your room, either a bright white or a cool white to change the feel of a room, spot lights or LED Strip Lights to lighten and brighten your room in different ways or you can even use the dimmable LED bulbs which mean you can change the mood of a room at the flick of a switch.

Why not speak to SND Electrical and see how they can revolutionise the way you light your home.