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Is It Time To Switch to LED Light Bulbs?

Is It Time To Switch to LED Light Bulbs?

The short answer to this question is yes - and this post will tell you why.

With the changes in technology happening so rapidly, many people find themselves playing catch up. Some are totally unaware of the latest trends and technologies and hence rely on older technologies that cost more. Over the years, LED light bulbs have slowly emerged in the mainstream market. Initially people were sceptical about completely overhauling their home lighting, simply because they didn't know how LEDs would work in home and office environments. Now these same people are throwing away their halogen bulbs and replacing them with LED light bulbs. They cost less money, consume less electricity and last longer. Who can say no to that?

If the benefits mentioned above aren't enough to make you jump on the bandwagon and part with your incandescent bulbs, then read on. Listed below are more benefits and reasons that might convince you to make the switch.  

Very Little Maintenance

Maintenance is a very important when it comes to home or office lighting. Regular fluorescent bulbs tend to burn out quickly and as such, they need to be replaced periodically over time. For large scale properties this translates to unnecessary man hours being dedicated to changing light fixtures. There is no such hassle with LED light bulbs. You don't have to worry about bulbs burning out because LED bulbs have a much longer lifespan, with one bulb able to work for up to 5 years non-stop.

Savings Galore

If we talk about numbers and savings, then LED lights still hail as the winner. Incandescent bulbs consume far more energy than LED Bulbs so homes or offices that use them extensively tend to pay more on electricity bills. Furthermore, the heat generated by dozens of these bulbs can amount to high room temperatures, meaning the costly air conditioning needs running for longer periods. On the other hand, LED lights actually pay for themselves over a short period of time. Ordinary bulbs may be cheaper at first but the cost of LED bulbs is a justified investment because of the subsequent long term savings on energy bills.

Star Light, Start Bright

LED light bulbs give off full light, at maximum output, almost instantly unlike incandescent light bulbs that slowly achieve a level of full brightness and often blow a fuse due to constant switching on and off.

Can Work in Extreme Weather

Whilst we don't want to encourage people to go out and test this for themselves, it is worth noting that certain LED light bulb models are designed to withstand extreme temperatures. LED lights' performance is unaffected by what's going on outside, be it scorching heat or chilly winds, rain and snow. What's more is that LED lights produce very low harmful radiation, making your home a lot safer and more environmentally friendly.  

The benefits of LED lights are remarkable compared to incandescent bulbs. People have every reason to switch the old bulbs for new modern LED lighting in homes and in businesses, where bills and overheads need to be kept to a minimum. Cost efficient, energy efficient and a better quality of lighting, LED bulbs are definitely a good choice. So if you want to make the switch to a better, LED way of life then browse our website and get in touch!