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LED Flood Lights as a Safety Feature

LED Flood Lights as a Safety Feature

Here at SnD we are seeing more and more homes sporting LED floodlights, both in front and out back. There is sound logic behind this because LED flood lights are a great safety option, and they can easily illuminate a large area.
In today’s post, we will talk about why LED floodlights have become a vital safety feature for homes across the UK. We will also take a look at some of the other benefits they provide for homeowners.
Illuminating Large Spaces
Outdoor lighting has its uses, but depending on the area, traditional outdoor lighting could end up being completely useless. The larger the area, the harder it is for outdoor light fixtures to illuminate properly.
However, LED floodlights are huge light fixtures by comparison. Their square design ensures they cover as much area as possible, as far as lighting goes. Moreover, they are installed on rooftops and tall exterior walls, so the greater the height, the larger the area covered by the beam.
Great Safety Feature
We mentioned earlier how LED flood lights are a great safety feature, and here’s why. LED floodlights can be attached to a motion sensor, which will monitor any movement in the designated area. As soon as anyone comes into that zone, the motion sensor will trigger the light and illuminate the space immediately. This is a great safety feature that keeps intruders at bay.
Smooth and Easy to Install
Since this lighting fixture is mounted on rooftops and external walls, it is very easy to install. Most homeowners can even do the installation themselves though it is always a good idea to have professionals do the installation for you to ensure a quality result.
It is worth noting that the weather can impact floodlights, especially severe winds which can knock it off-kilter. A professional installation will ensure your floodlight is properly placed to withstand harsh weather.
More and more homes are installing LED lights nowadays, indoors and out. Most homeowners still consider it as a viable lighting option first, and a safety feature second. Either way it is a safe purchase; one you can’t go wrong with.
So browse our range of LED lights and find some quality lighting solutions for your home.