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LED Lighting and Buildings

LED Lighting and Buildings

Over the years, the popularity of LED lighting has soared. Many places around the world have adopted this technology and now apply it to different structures, notably buildings. With so much potential for this technology however, there is no telling what the future may hold for these little wonders; word has spread that a physiologist in Japan has already commenced a project using LED lighting and agriculture but for now, let's stay in the present and take a look at the cities and locations that have already made use of this amazing technology. 


Empire State Building

Situated in New York City, the Empire State Building got its name from the nickname of the city itself (the Empire State). For as many as 40 years, it was claimed to be the "world's tallest building" before the World Trade Center took its title.

As for LED lighting, the Empire State building replaced its floodlights with LED lights instead, opening up doors for uncountable colour varieties. The use of LED lighting also means that the building can be lit up as and when necessary, in the most appropriate way. According to Wikipedia, the top half of the Empire State Building was transformed into a fully equipped scoreboard for the 2012 presidential election and when Barack Obama received the amount of votes necessary to win a re-election, a blue glow was chosen for the building.

Flame Towers

Located in Baku, Azerbaijan, Flame Towers is a huge skyscraper that sits at a height of around 620ft. Within the building you'll find a number of apartments, offices and even a hotel. The completion of this skyscraper was finalised in 2012 and the facades of the towers are frequently used as a huge display screen. These screens consist of over 10,000 LED light fixtures and quite often you'll see a flame-like effect displayed on the towers which helps to emphasise the main concept behind their official name.

Miami Tower

The Miami Tower is a landmark skyscraper that is home to offices. It is located in Miami, Florida (hence the name) and is known to be one of the tallest buildings in the city. In terms of LED lights, in 2012, a system costing roughly $1.5 million was successfully installed in order to provide more colourful and extravagant displays while reducing the overall transition time of the lights. This tower is well-known for its seasonal and holiday displays; you will find a collection of displays that have been used over the years here.

These are just three buildings that make use of LED light technology. Do you have any more impressive or mind-blowing uses that you'd like to share?

If you're interested in purchasing LED lighting for your property or for a mini project of your own, please take a moment to browse through our products. If you need a bit of help, please do not hesitate to get in touch today through our website. We look forward to hearing from you!