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LED Lighting for Home Offices

LED Lighting for Home Offices

So, you’ve ordered all the furniture you need for your home office extension and you’re just about ready to settle in and, well, get to work! But aren’t you forgetting something important? That’s right; lighting!
Lighting is so important in home offices, especially if you’re going to be spending the equivalent of a full office day in front of a computer, which is why you need to think carefully about what options you have.
If you’re struggling for ideas though, consider LED lighting. Ideal for illuminating spaces in a fun, stylish yet practical way, LED lighting is highly affordable, in terms of both upfront and running costs.
Still wondering how you can use LEDs in your new home office. Read on to see just three ways.
Under Desk Lighting
LED strip lighting is perhaps one of the most popular choices for homes, thanks to its versatility and aesthetic appeal. One way you can use this type of lighting in your home office is to install it under the desk, for a unique, space-age-like design. Of course, with this choice, you will need to ensure you also have a lamp that produces enough light to avoid eye strain, but it’s still a great way to spruce up your office.
Illuminate your Workspace
If you love the idea of incorporating LED lighting into your plain desk, but you’re not too keen on popping it underneath the desk, you could always use LED panels on your glass desk to bring it to life! Ideal for brightening space whilst providing users with a tasteful, contemporary design, these panels are cheap to purchase and efficient to use, making them a top choice for homeowners who want that ultra-modern twist.
Sweet and Simple
Alternatively, if you want to keep it sweet and simple whilst reaping all the benefits of LED light bulbs, you always have the option of replacing your current lighting with GU10 LED bulbs from SnD Electrical, for adequate radiance when you need it.
These are just three ideas you can try to breathe life into your home office, with an equally efficient alternative. Browse our range of LED lights today or if you have any questions, feel free to get in touch. We would be happy to take your call.