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LED Lighting In Your Bedroom

LED Lighting In Your Bedroom

Years ago the only way we were able to add a glow in the dark look to our bedrooms was by sticking glow in the dark planets, stars and moons to our ceiling which let off a dull glow for the first ten minutes you turned off your bedroom light.

This has clearly bothered a French firm as they have taken this ‘glow in the dark’ bedroom feel to the next level with curtains and bed sheets that light up in what they call a ‘subtle and mysterious’ way.

There is fibre-optics that carries light through the fabric and this is attached to an LED pack that is providing the light to the product, this is known as Luminex and is available in a wide variety of colours due to the versatility of LED Lighting.

LED Lighting is ideal for children that are scared of having the light turned out at night time as this is a glow for them which will make them less afraid, however a simple LED Lighting cushion will come with the hefty price tag of no less that £320.

LED Light Bulbs have been chosen for this creation as they do not heat up and pose no risk of giving the user electric shocks so it is incredibly safe for the needs of the product. It can also be washed, but needs to be done very carefully.

If you are looking for ways to use LED Lighting in your home why don’t you contact SND Electrical and see how they can help.