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LED Lighting Shows the Way in an Emergency

LED Lighting Shows the Way in an Emergency

Wherever you work or however you spend your time socially you will more than likely have come across LED Emergency Lighting at some point. This sign is in schools, pubs, restaurants, cinemas, hospitals and more.

Emergency LED Lighting can help save you at that vital moment when you may be in danger or you have a power cut.
There are three main types of LED Emergency Lighting and these are as follows;

3W LED Maintained Emergency Down Light Kit, this LED Light kit is able to offer three hours down light lighting if the power went out. These lights are most commonly found in the hallways of blocks of flats.

The second type is the Maintained LED Emergency Bulkhead Light; this is often seen in car parks and walkways. It is suitable for outdoor and indoor areas as it can withstand various weather conditions.

The third type are the Maintained LED Emergency Exit Drop Sign Lights, these are often seen everywhere in your general day-to-day life. The LED Lights kick in when the power goes out for three hours giving people adequate time to leave the building in case of emergency.

LED Light Bulbs are ideal for products like these as they offer a longer life span than other light bulbs which means when there is a power cut the LED Emergency Lighting will stay strong and bright. The bright and clear light of the LED can become incredibly essential in case of emergency.