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LED Panel

LED panels are small displays which use LED lighting to give users with the best possible illumination and have a variety of uses. LED Panels are commonly used on billboards and even shop signs alongside destination signs, public transport vehicles and can even be incorporated with a transparent glass design.

Along with the practical uses of LED panels, they can also be used for personal use and are commonly used in small theatres as stage lighting and homes that require a little task lighting to brighten up their bathrooms, bedrooms, even living rooms.

Not only does this form of LED lighting save up to 70% on energy, it also has an incredibly long life span compared to incandescent bulbs and can work just as well when exposed to unstable voltage. They will also spare you the headache of flickering or humming bulbs with their instant start promise.

These panels are perfect for large open areas as well as small, cosy homes as they project a soft, warm yet wide light meaning that you can apply them to any event or property that you desire.

If you require LED panels for your hotel, school, hospital, office building or even for personal use, SND Electrical offer an extensive range of the highest quality panels on the market at the most reasonable price. With these simply designed panels, you can choose the voltage level that is best for you and your business or home.