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LED’s and the Gaming World

LED’s and the Gaming World

If you didn't know already, the gaming industry is a huge money spinner. In 2011 UK consumers spent over £3 billion on gaming (according to MCV), flying in the face of high street hardships. A year later sales of computer games surpassed that of video for the first time, dominating the entertainment market as a whole.

The UK in recent years has emerged as the gaming capital of Europe, with a huge number games being produced on our fair shores including the likes of Grand Theft Auto series and Little Big Planet.

As the gaming cake grows layer by layer, third party companies are eager to get a slice and who can blame them. Nowadays, you'll come across a number of alternative gaming peripherals like controllers, headsets and keyboards usually priced cheaper than the official products. This works as a great way of branching out to consumers who can't necessarily afford high end gaming products and creating health competition.

Instead of just producing bog standard carbon copies of current peripherals, third - party companies are cultivating their own sub-culture or niche of gaming accessories that not only function on par with their official cousins but look awesome too!

 In this article we take a look at how LED lights have infiltrated the gaming world and how they impact gaming in general.

As a newcomer to the Pc gamers ‘guild,' I was pleasantly surprised by the broad range of accessories available. From the weird ‘Gaming Glove' to the wonderfully futuristic ‘OrbiTouch' Pc gamers really have the best of both worlds.

The Humble Keyboard

Designed for Pc gamers who like to game with the lights down low, the Saitek Eclipse Keyboard is built for those long bloody battles or otherworld explorations. Its cool design is matched by its even cooler LED keys. Very much a futuristic affair (think star trek), the Saitek emits a cool blue light that illuminates the silver keys - complimenting perfectly.

Mouse - Transformer Style

Most people when they stumble across a mouse can't help but shriek for their lives, but believe me this mouse will have you grinning like a Cheshire cat. The R.A.T.7 Gaming Mouse by MadCatz is a piece of cyber awesomeness! Resembling a mini transformer cross with a spaceship the mouse is made for optimized gaming at the highest level. Under its jagged bonnet is a ‘twin laser' LED laser sensor which pinpoints movement with precision accuracy.  For a full list of the mouse's spec click here.

King Cobra of Headsets

Built for the kill (killer gaming experience I mean), the E-3lue Cobra Gaming Headset is a professional gamer's dream. Sitting perched in the realms of the avant-garde, the cobra is a striking merger of black and illuminated LED blues. Ticking all the boxes, the headset is a powerhouse of sound, style and snugness. What more could you ask for?

LED lights apart from just being a novel addition to peripherals, serve as a functional boost to the overall gaming experience. In my eyes anything that can help me kill more undead demons and score more goals when the lights go low is a win in my books.