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Let’s Talk Lighting Styles

Let’s Talk Lighting Styles

How you choose to light your home is a big decision. Just like when you choose your colour palette or what furniture and accessories you will use, finding the right lighting style is crucial to any room's design. As well as being functional and necessary, lighting can be a wonderful feature in rooms of all shapes and sizes. As such it has the power to transform any kind of décor or design, but it is up to you whether it does so in a way the complements or clashes. 

With modern room designs you can opt for minimalist LED lighting in bright white, with lamp shades and stands in different materials like glass, stainless steel or even plain neutrals. For traditionally styled rooms though, you need to think a little harder about how you can strike a balance between traditional design and modern manufacturing. This is relatively easy thanks to the selection of modern brands that are inspired by traditional styles and choose to recreate them with modern materials. You also have freedom in terms of what kind of traditional lighting style you choose; from chandeliers for grand rooms to Tiffany style lights for cosy vintage studies, and every style in between.

Read on for a closer look at three of the most popular traditional lighting styles.


Chandeliers have long been associated with decadence, style and status. They often conjure images of grand ballrooms and 19th century French palaces, with their gold and crystal masterpieces glittering glamorously. They aren't just for palaces and parties though. Chandeliers can be found in more subtle, scaled-down designs, and many these days are made of more practical materials than their historic counterparts. If you have a room decorated in a French or decadent style, a chandelier would be the perfect addition and a great focal point.

Tiffany Lights

For a vintage room decorated either entirely in neutrals or with warm woods and tones, you need a rich pop of colour in a traditional design. A bright, leaded glass lamp in the style of the ever-popular Tiffany light could really set the whole room off. Whether you need a suspended ceiling light as an aerial focal point in the dining room or a smart desk lamp for the study, there are plenty of Tiffany style lights to choose from. In fact, this particular style of light is ideal because it is cosy in the colder months and in the summer, the sunlight hits the coloured glass in the most stunning way.


Traditionally lanterns used candles as their light source, but these days there are all sorts of electrical versions available. Lanterns can be both functional and decorative, often used at festivals or celebrations. When using a lantern in the home, you can opt for either a smaller table top lantern or a large suspended or wall-mounted one. Whichever size you choose - a lantern in a nice pewter or brass finish can really add to a shabby chic, beach inspired or even Moroccan themed room.

These three are just some of the most popular options available to those in need of traditional lighting styles. You can mix and match styles, choose the one that best suits your decor or even incorporate a particular style as a novelty style of lighting for a quirkier room. For example, mix up a shabby chic room with a stunning, coloured and bejewelled chandelier. However you choose to work a traditional lighting style into your home décor, the options listed above are a good starting point. For more on lighting styles, fixtures or anything else lighting-related, browse our website or get in touch with the team here at SND Electrical today.