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Lighten Up Your Home

Lighten Up Your Home

Designing your home interior can be incredibly daunting due to the endless choices and styles available today. But, in reality, great decorating comes purely from educating yourself on just the basic principles of design.

Often, we tend to paint an image in our minds of the look we want to achieve. Try drawing your vision with your colour choices to see how this contrasts with your current décor. Having a large variety of colours can clutter the room and take away from the style aesthetics overall.  Neutral colours with a hint of bold colour tends to work pretty well.  Cramming too much into one room will have the opposite effect and create a darker atmosphere as a result.

If you have high ceilings, you will need to experiment with various types of lighting to see what works best for your space. Using ceiling lights as well as ground lighting will heighten the illumination in the room.  Chandeliers can look incredibly elegant in high ceiling rooms, as the space allows for a steeper drop; consider a chandelier for the main reception, dining room and, of course, bedroom for a glamorous and fresh look.

Changing the lighting in your home needn't be expensive; rather, it is ideal for saving money on your energy bills. Opt for fluorescent or LED lighting; giving you more energy at a much lower cost for a lot longer.  

Lighting is an extremely important factor to consider when redesigning a room. Leaving the room too dark can result in eye strain in the long run. If you have large windows which allow a lot of natural light to flood in, this is great -  but don't forget about when it gets dark outside.

Strategically placing mirrors in your room will reflect light into the room and can widen up the available space. Throwing in a few cushions or a rug can do wonders for a room, adding a hint of colour and texture where necessary.

Playing around with textures, colours and patterns are great for gauging which styles best suits your home. What's more, if you ever decide to change the design of the room again, your accessories can be moved on to another area of your home. Consider investing in a design magazine to keep up to date with current style trends.

Giving yourself the opportunity to return each day to a home you can be proud of is a feeling worth investing in.  For more home improvement tips and all your lighting needs, visit SND Electrical; your electrical suppliers in Birmingham.