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Lighting the way to a new era of gaming?

Lighting the way to a new era of gaming?

Project Morpheus vs Oculus Rift

Following the release of the new batch of next-gen gaming consoles (Xbox One & PS4); developers have been busy at work tinkering away at new technologies that aim to push gaming to a new virtual level! For years we've toyed with idea of virtual reality (VR) stretching all the way back to 1957, the year when Morton Heilig invented the ‘sensorama' - a simulator with 3D images along with smells, wind and sounds. Our attempts at creating a virtual space (though commendable) have been undeniably ‘naff' in execution. It is hoped that this turbulent trend will soon be a thing of the past following the release of not one but two virtual reality headsets in the next coming months.

Oculus Rift looks to Part the Virtual Sea

Much has already been made of Oculus rift's VR prowess and abundant potential to become the defining piece of tech to catapult gaming to new heights. Unveiled around 2012 Oculus did very much cause ‘rifts' among the gaming community; sceptics assumed it would fall into the obscure realms of the Nintendo 1995 Virtual Boy. The vast majority of tech journalists, however, were wowed by the kit's impressive functional visual and audio capabilities. Although nowhere near the finished article, it did shine a glimmer of hope at the possibility of virtual gaming finally becoming a promising reality.

Oculus Rift offers up a greater field of vision (fov) at around 110 degrees to the Morpheus's 90, though this will make very little difference to the overall user experience. In terms of quality and imagery, both units stack up dead even offering up 1080p resolution displays for crisper textures and more vibrant colour. That being said, neither offers super-sharp visuals due to cost cutting measures that will allow the headsets to be sold at more commercially viable prices.

Move over Neo we've got Morpheus

‘Project Morpheus' is Sony's punt at the virtual reality ball. Futuristic In both name and design, Project Morpheus encompasses almost your entire field of vision, while internal tracking technology means you can look all around you. It is thought that the headset will feature PlayStation move-style integrated LED lighting to facilitate the system.

In terms of visuals, two LED screens are positioned right in front of your eyes which are lens wrapped to portray a larger image and more immersive experience. The PS4 camera adds another element of positional tracking so that Morpheus not only knows which way you're looking but also how far forwards or side-to-side you move - cool right!?

Aesthetically speaking, Project Morpheus is a real ‘beaut' with its sleek and slender curves not to mention its funky LED lights. But is the Morpheus all beauty no brains or will it raise up to be the ‘one'!? Only time will tell.

Head (set) to Head (set)

It is expected that both headsets will wage virtual war in 2015 when they go on sale, giving ample time to both camps to iron out any underlying niggles. Next year will hopefully spell a new dawn for gaming; one that will takes us closer than ever before.