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Lighting the way to a new future of bike safety

Lighting the way to a new future of bike safety

With health and safety seen as a top priority within pretty much every industry nowadays; it's no surprise that tech-heads all around the world are racking their noggins to produce gizmo's that push the envelope of innovation, all the while retaining a high level of safety.

Streaking miles ahead, the cycling industry has proven an unstoppable force in the race for safety innovation. However, there's still a long road ahead.

The uphill battle

If we take London for example; figures published in a BBC article of cyclist fatalities showed that in:

2010 - There were 10 deaths, 4 of which involved heavy goods vehicles (HGV's).

2011 - There were 16 deaths, 12 of which involved HGV's.

2012 - There were 14 deaths, 5 of which involved HGV's.

2013 - There were 14 deaths, 9 of which involved HGV's.

These grim statistics highlight the importance of cyclist safety and the ever pressing need to prevent further fatalities occurring in the future. Thankfully, a large number of creative companies are taking a proactive approach to cycle safety - producing some of the most groundbreaking gear imaginable!

We all know it's safer to be seen than unseen, that's why lighting has always (and continues to be) a focal point of bike safety. Designers have been devising new and inventive means of illuminating cyclists, to ensure that motorist can easily see them. Here's a selection of the glowing gadgetry they managed to produce:

SpokeLit LED Spoke Light

Quite the attention - grabber, the SpokeLit is an LED light which fixes on to (yeah you guessed it) the spokes of your wheels. This simple yet clever piece of kit produces a circular mirage when the wheel is in motion, illuminating with a strong and vibrant burst of colour. The device has two modes ‘steady glow' and ‘continuous flash' to choose from. Another good thing about the SpokeLit is that it won't cost you an arm or a leg either (well hopefully not) priced at around £7.99. Receiving a number glowing reviews the SpokeLit LED Spoke Light looks to be a real winner! You might also want check out the Monkey Light Pro if you're after a more lavish alternative.


With wearable tech deemed to be the next big thing, Zach Vorhies & Murat Ozkan (founders of Zackees) jumped ahead of the wearable game. The dynamic duo have created gloves that signal to motorists when you want to turn. Now how cool is that!? Called Zackees; they infuse form, function and fashion in a handy harmonious package. Using high quality durable textiles, super bright LED's and an intuitive contact switch located between the thumb and index finger - Zackees are truly heads, shoulder and now hands above the rest of the competition.


Live life in the fast lane, or more specifically your own cycle lane. The X-fire range aims to eliminate the problem of driver blind spots by projecting bright twin led lines either side of the bike. Weather and shockproof the X-fire is capable of giving up to 20hrs output in one go. Built with durability and longevity in mind the LED inside the X -Fire is supposedly "tough, unbreakable and lasts a lifetime" according to the X-fire's product description. Sounds like an X-cellent gadget to me.

These three illuminating gadgets are just the tip of the ‘cycle safe' iceberg. With more weird and wonderful LED projects in the pipework the future of bike safety is looking brighter than ever.