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Lights Under Your Kitchen Cabinets

Lights Under Your Kitchen Cabinets

Having lighting underneath your kitchen cabinets is a hugely effective method of improving the look and feel of your kitchen.

Not only does this enhance the look of your kitchen but it also comes with another practicality bonus by creating more light on work surfaces which are sometimes left in darkness. This is where LED strip lighting comes in.

Before improving the appearance of your kitchen you will need to measure out the places where you want the LED light bulbs to be fitted. You need to consider the length of the cabinet as well as how close they are to the power supply. Another thing that should be consider before you purchase your new lighting strips is that the lights can only be cut at certain intervals, so you may need to round up or round down where it is necessary.    

The LED strip lighting also has a self-adhesive backing, so no alternative or additional mountings or attachments are needed. Once you have measured and cut the lighting you will be able to put them on the underside of any cabinet.

Predominantly, white LED strip lights are the best single coloured strip to use in this way but of course, it is entirely your preference. You can choose the colour in accordance to your décor. The lights also come in Blue, Green and Red, so you can add a bit of colour to your cabinets too.

These LED light strips do not have to just be limited to your kitchen cabinets; we just think they will look great here. Why not try them for yourself and see what a difference they will make to any kitchen.