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Meet the NanoLeaf the latest innovative LED lightbulb

Meet the NanoLeaf the latest innovative LED lightbulb

Described as the world’s most energy efficient lightbulb, it’s no wonder that the future of incandescent bulbs isn’t bright with the new NanoLeaf.

The NanoLeaf is the latest invention created by three students from the University of Toronto in Canada. Whilst studying for their degrees they came up with the NanoLeaf, a LED lightbulb which illuminates homes at a fraction of the cost, producing 1600 lumens of brightness using only 12 watts of electricity using LEDs, unlike conventional incandescent bulbs which consume at least 20 watts when used.

Consisting of a series of pentagons embedded with LED lightbulbs, the bulb structure is optimised to allow it to cast light in all directions. As well as helping homeowners cut down on the cost of their electricity bills, they’re also a practical solution to general worldwide electricity consumption.

Unlike other conventional energy-saving bulbs the NanoLeaf keeps cool when being used and becomes instantly bright as soon as it’s turned on via light switch, providing maximum brightness and efficiency without waiting for the bulb to reach full power. They also do not contain mercury, which is found is most incandescent bulbs, demonstrating how with the help of the NanoLeaf can significantly benefit the environment through reducing energy emissions and the usage of chemicals in lighting products.

The product was originally funded using Kickstarter, receiving a whopping $273, 278 worth of donations from over 5000 backers despite initially only having a $20,000 goal. Originally known as the NanoLight, the campaign was an overwhelming success, giving them enough funds to distribute their product to anywhere in the world when they are officially available for sale in March 2014, offering households the opportunity to possess a LED lightbulb which will provide over 30,000 hours of usage, compared to only 1,500 hours that an incandescent bulb produces in its lifetime.

As a result of their successful campaign and ground-breaking product, the NanoLeaf has also received a considerable amount of media attention, with electronics website CNET describing the bulb as “an early glimpse into the future of household LED lighting”. It was also praised for its omnidirectional lighting possibilities on “Dr. Tech’s Top 20 Fantasy Gift List” last year, which was created to celebrate the festive season by showcasing the top 20 technological gift ideas for Christmas.

Thanks to the additional donations the company behind NanoLeaf are now working on a prototype which is dimmable in order to help homeowners create ambience whilst being energy efficient.

Until the revoluntionary light bulb is made available however, there’s plenty of other LED light bulbs available on the market to purchase to help cut down on electricity bills, including spotlights, striplights and flood lights, which has a variety of uses within the home.