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Modern day schooling just gets better

Modern day schooling just gets better

Are you tired of your dull ancient wooden gym flooring? Are the kids just not as eager to get stuck in with some real sports and have a fantastic time in all of your P.E lessons?

With the release of the brand new electronic gym floor, you can transform your students into all-stars and enhance their sporting experience with the technology of ultra-bright LED lighting that rests just beneath your feet in the gym hall.

These electronic gym floors are incredibly sturdy and make a fantastic videogame like display for any sports hall that begs for some modern day tender, love and care.

Protected by thick layers of toughened glass covered with a sleek coat of ultra-strong anti-skid laminate, this technological court provides kids and teachers alike with the safety and fun that they deserve from a P.E lesson.

This electronic court caters for multiple sports including basketball, tennis and badminton making it super unique and exempt from those confusing coloured lines that many of us experienced as teenage kids.

Just from the touch of a button, you can renovate your old gym hall and illuminate the room with a gorgeous light blue tone that adds to the pure sporting energy the hall has been missing for so long.

Enrich your rusty gym hall today with LED lighting technology.