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Part 1 - 2016: SND, Leading You Towards the Light

Part 1 - 2016: SND, Leading You Towards the Light

Wow! We are into the year 2016 already! Time flies so fast, doesn’t it? We can still remember this time last year like it was… Erm… last year… Ahem.

Okay, so take yourself back to this time last year and reflect on whether you stuck to any of your last New Year’s resolutions?


No? We thought not.  

Year after year, so many of us make the same firm promises to ourselves about making prominent changes to our lives, ultimately for the better; but a year on, we then realise we haven’t stuck to them.

Why do we do this?

The reason we don’t always achieve the personal goals we set is because, as humans with emotions, we are simply just never happy and there is always something we want to change. At times, we want to change too much, too soon; therefore, we end up setting unrealistic goals and end up being too hard on ourselves.

Exhibit 1

For example, a huge number of people make it their aim to lose a certain amount of weight in a particular year. At the end of that year, they may end up realising that aiming to lose five stones in twelve months was a little too ambitious - especially without a gym membership! Thus entering a cycle of giving up, year after year, because they failed to make a goal that was realistic.

Therefore, it is important to remember to set achievable goals as this will motivate you further.

Exhibit 2

Moving on to the other most popular resolution people aim to stick to every year: saving money.

It’s actually a lot easier than we think!

You know how that saying goes, “look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves”? Well, it’s true!

A lot of us don’t seem to count the “minor expenses” we accumulate in a day. For some, these minor expenses include public travel, cigarettes, lunch, drinks throughout the day, eating out, sticking a pound or two in the never-ending birthday collections that seem to circulate past your desk every week and so on and so forth.

For example, for someone who smokes 20 cigarettes (on average, per day) at current prices, this works out to approximately £10 a day; which amounts to £3,650 a year! Wow!

Now, imagine you quit smoking and put that £10 aside every day? At the end of the year, you are thousands of pounds better off. Think about it, you could treat yourself to that once in a lifetime all-inclusive holiday you only ever dreamt about, you could upgrade your car, finally decorate the house and so much more.

It is pretty much the same as all the other expenses we see as only pocket change; it all adds up.

The trick on how to truly save is by cutting back; it is always better to start cutting back and getting used to being without that daily luxury. You will then, slowly, realise that you were worrying about something that doesn’t matter that much at all.

There are so many ways to save those pennies but we thought we would continue this in our next post. So, stay tuned for more money saving tips in next week’s article.

Until then, ensure you save as much as you can this year on that dreaded electricity bill, by investing in some SND Electrical energy saving lighting products.

Give the leading electrical suppliers in Birmingham a call today to find out how we can help you to look after those pennies this year, to enable you to count those pounds.