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Part 2: The Year 2016: SND Sheds More Light

Part 2: The Year 2016: SND Sheds More Light

In last week’s article, we touched on a few money saving tips to help you adhere to your annual repetitive “money saving” resolution this year.

We promised you a follow up, and here it is! We have compiled some useful tips to help you on your way to becoming a richer you, this 2016.

Get Supermarket Savvy

Ever noticed how every time you vow not to overspend on the weekly grocery shop, you end up leaving with items you didn’t need in the first place (usually about a trolley full more than what you went in for)? The reason for this could be all those tempting offer’s and deals the supermarkets advertise on a daily basis, which inevitably brings on a domino effect as it leads to those dieting deal-breakers too. 

Just remember this, at some point in time every supermarket will have had that product on offer, too, so don’t worry - you’re not missing out on much.

In fact, supermarkets seem to rotate product offers against their competitors. For instance, you may find a particular product on offer in one store. When that offer expires, you are likely to find the very same product on offer in a competitor’s store – all it takes is a little research!

See? You learn something new every day! Also, never shop on an empty stomach; you will want to buy everything you lay your eyes on!

Lunch for Free

Is there such a thing? Yes! There is! Well, almost!

The key to a cheaper lunch is spending an extra ten minutes every morning to prepare it! Organising your meals this way obviously ties in with your weekly grocery shop.

So many of us rely on unhealthy takeaways, something quick, and overpriced sandwiches and expensive coffees for lunch. What we don’t realise is that many of these things are extremely unhealthy, at best.

Making yourself a nutritious lunch at home opposed to buying it pre-packed and on the go can save you a lot more money than you think.

Don’t believe us? Let’s compare shall we?

Lunchtime Dash:

Simple Cheese Sandwich with Salad - Cost £3.65

1 Bag of Crisps - Cost £0.70p

1 Banana - Cost £0.45p

A Cold Drink - Cost £1.25

1 Bar of Chocolate (perhaps for later!) – Cost £0.79p

Total Daily Lunch Spend: £6.84

Here’s One You Could Have Made Earlier:

1 Simple Cheese Sandwich with Salad (2 slices bread, margarine, a few slices of cheese, salad you made last night) - Average Cost: £0.90p

1 Bag of Crisps (From the six bag multipack you purchased on your weekly shop) - Average Cost: £0.17p

1 Banana (From the bunch you purchased on your weekly shop, the one that usually ends up getting ignored and goes in the bin) - Average Cost: £0.09p

A Cold Drink (Refilled an empty bottle with the same drink but larger bottle from home) - Average Cost: £0.25p

1 Bar of Chocolate (Again, from the multipack you purchased on offer) – Average Cost: £0.25p

Total Daily Lunch Spend: £1.66

So, here are your average calculations:

At present, you are spending £6.84 on a daily basis (based on a five working day week). This works out to approximately £34.20 a week, bringing your total monthly lunch expenses to £136.80.

What you could potentially be spending is £1.66 on a daily basis (based on a five working day week). This works out to approximately £8.30 a week,  bringing your total monthly lunch expenses to £33.20. 

Overall, this saves you a whopping grand total of £103.60 every month! Jaws are dropping.

That’s a mammoth £1,295, on average, per year, just in case that didn’t sink in!

So, now you have it written down in black and white that budgeting on all the little things that you think didn’t matter, actually does make a massive difference in the long run!

Trust us now? Good. Because this leads us towards our final example:

Those Light Bulb Moments 

The amount of energy we currently use as a nation is surreal. We leave bedside lamps on overnight – be it for children or ourselves, we often leave lights on if we are going out to fool potential burglars into thinking the house is occupied, and, as it gets darker during the winter, the lights are on for a lot longer and a lot more often.

The solution here is to use energy efficient lighting, such as those available at SND Electrical; Birmingham’s leading electrical suppliers.

So don’t doubt your saving abilities, and contact us today. And, from all of us here at SND Electrical and on behalf of our friendly advisors (who are looking forward to your call!); Happy New (and a much richer you) Year!